Frederik Nielsen to enter ATPMIX!


It is a big pleasure for me to introduce my old friend and colleauge Frederik Nielsen as my first cocolumnist of ATPMIX. I am convinced that he will be a real asset, and he sure has the talent and ability to contribute to the quality of the site.

I won´t bother you more, so I´m handing over the microphone directly to Freddie:

Frederik Nielsen

Frederik Nielsen

Born: 1983 in Denmark
Profession: Tennis Pro (ATP-ranking top 200-singles/top 100-doubles, Davis Cup Anchor
Typical: World Class backhand, Verbal, social, funny, Fanatic Liverpool fan

Hi everybody!

Jacob has given me the honor of being a guest writer on his webpage, so I think it will only be in it’s right place with a small introduction of myself. I will be writing in English, as Swedes are notoriously bad at understanding Danish. It’s got nothing to do with our beautiful language…

My name is Frederik Nielsen, and I am a 27 year old professional tennis player from Denmark. I have been traveling the world to play the sport I love for the better parts of the last 8 years. I haven’t had the kind of success, that makes you rich and famous, so unless you really follow tennis, you probably haven’t heard of me.

Nevertheless, tennis has given me so much, and I wouldn’t swap it with anything. That’s also why I am still playing. I feel privileged to be able to live my life this way, and I hope to be able to share some of my experiences and what I have learned over the years with you guys.

So far in my career I’ve won several events at the futures level, but haven’t broken the deadlock at challenger level and obviously ATP level. I have come close on a few occasions by making a few challenger finals. Despite having qualified for several tour events, I still have my first win in a main draw waiting.

This year I had my biggest experience as a tennis player, when I qualified for the Australian Open. I had come close in Wimbledon and Australia before, so to actually make it happen, was a big deal for me. I’ve had a bit more success in doubles, where I’ve managed to win several futures and challengers, but – like in singles – still have my first tour level win waiting.

I’ve been so lucky and privileged to be able to represent my country in Davis Cup and in Hopman Cup, where Caroline Wozniacki and myself became the first to represent Denmark in that event – obviously more due to my partner’s merits :-) . A magnificent experience. I’ve represented Denmark in Davis Cup since 2003 and have played every live match possible since 2005.

For me Davis Cup is the biggest highlight every year. We don’t play the most glamourous opponents or at the most extravagant venues, but it makes no difference to me. We can play in a grass field in front of two horses and a cow, and I would still love it. My highest rankings in singles and doubles came last year, when I made it to 190 in singles and 91 in doubles.

Outside the court I am a big fan of Liverpool FC. I try my utmost to watch all the matches, and when I get to see them live it’s as good as it gets. I’m a big music and movie fan, which obviously helps me pass the hours traveling and in hotel rooms. I really appreciate hanging out with my friends, and it’s probably the thing i enjoy the most about the tennis tour. It takes you weird places, and you meet all sorts of people.

Tennis truly is a global sport, and I don’t know many workplaces that have some many different religions, cultures, age groups and life philosophies. I love it, and feel I learn from every one. It definitely makes me feel rich on life experiences.

Well, I hope you know me a wee bit better now. I’m looking forward to some good times on the site in the future :-) .

- Frederik

Frederik Nielsen