French Open – some observations, part 1



The French event of the year is approaching its boiling point. The big three have prevailed and are, together with David Ferrer, ready for semifinals. The highest level of entertainment can be expected by all tennis lovers. Before turning our attention to the breathtaking resolution of the drama, I´d like to share some reflections and conclusions as to this year´s version. First in mind is … Läs mer...

Nadal´s serve – a comment



Tennis commentators may now and then be struck by delivering incorrect statements. One of these statements occurred yesterday, when the spectators were told that Rafael Nadal´s serve had improved a lot in the recent 1.5 years.  In reality it´s exactly the opposite – Nadal´s serve was at its best about 1.5 years ago, and has since then deteriorated again. In my comprehensive analysis of … Läs mer...

Euro bonus – what will Germany do?



A few days ago I wrote about a phenomenon I called euro bonus, defined as the difference between a normal interest rate and the current interest rate, which Sweden and some other low debt countries are enjoying for the time being. My point was that this bonus over time accumulates to large amounts of money, benefitting the well managed countries – in Sweden´s case maybe more than 200 billion … Läs mer...