Wimbeldon Champion 2016 – at the latest


He lost the night´s fight in Indian Wells against Roger Federer, but the future King of hardcourt and grass is named – Milos Raonic.

The 21 year old Canadian already possesses one of the best serves ever. That seems crystal clear to me, having followed him in San Jose and Memphis earlier this year.

A brutal impact and a monstrous kick are mixed with sliced serves out wide and into the body. Federer succeeded in winning only one (1) of 23 points in first set, when Raonic got his first serve in play. And this on an outdoor court, which is extremely rough and slow.

Of course the remainder of his game needs to be refined, but his improvements can be seen all the time. His forehand is already a weapon, his backhand solid and his movement impressing – given his size (196 cm).

Except from the serve, his most valuable asset is spelled the natural authority, which he radiates on court. Without seeming cocky, he communicates a winning mentality. No tears of joy after his fist titles, just a content face, having the job done. This attitude is only viable for someone having greater goals ahead – like Wimbledon for instance.

A more specific analysis on Milos Raonic will arrive in due course.