A good result – for tennis


Andy Roddick´s tennis has over the last ten years maintained an unbelievably high and consistent level. Number one in the world 2003, and at least among top 10 2002 – 2010. Besides he has dared to speak up outside the court, which doesn´t belong to normal behavior among the stars.

However, the last years Roddick has been a shadow of his former self, and a lot of followers have believed his career to be over within short. In view of this, his win against Federer in yesterday´s match, wasn´t only utterly important to himself – but also for the tennis at large.

Americans often have a greater feeling for the show than other nationalities, and that is certainly even more the case with Roddick. Like very few he has succeeded in combining a fantastic career with an entertaining attitude, be it insinuating and hilarious argues with umpires, unforgettable cuts of the press (or colleagues) – or maybe most appreciated, vocal imitations of male or female players.

Andy Roddick has been a valued guest in the big US talk shows, saying he´s aiming for his own broadcast show after tennis. Furthermore he has exposed an intellectual part of his personality, not only in analyzing himself and his opponents, but also in daring to question and criticize central features within tennis.

Tennis in general will always be dependent on USA. After the golden generation, born in the early 1970-ties (Sampras, Agassi, Courier etc) it was Andy Roddick who filled out the space. As a tennis fan one ought to be glad as long as he is willing to brighten up the game – be it on as well as outside the court.