Djokovic – back to brilliance


What is to say about Novak Djokovic´performance in yesterday´s semi final in Rome – against a Roger Federer in good form? Absolut world class! The slight wobbliness recently notised was totally gone, in favor of a concentration rarely demonstrated before. ‘

Admittedly, conditions were not favorable to Federer. A bit chilly, neightsession and a much slower court compared to the last week in Madrid. But the difference between the to players was, reagardless of the last 15 minutes, too large to be explained by external factors.

Djokovic´accuracy and tempo was cruel – all through the match. His hallmarks – returns, backhans and speed were featuring the same acrimony as in the first half of 2011. Federer was repeatedly stressed in finding himself unable to cope.

In the first set Federer only managed to get 39 per cent of his first serves into play, which undoubtedly explains most of the outcome, 2-6. Highly unusually for being Roger Federer.

In the second set Roger was able to improve his serving. Djokovic however remained in charge, and at 5-4 he served for the match. Not having had a single chance to break, the old master now entered into action, saving a matchpoint with a winning forehand on the line! And breaking back!

The quality of the show was incredible in the finishing games and in the succeeding tiebreak. Federer found a better balance between aggressiveness and patience. But the awakening came to late. Djokovic kept his focus on his highest level and brought home the tiebreak.

My feeling is that today´s final will be a stunning show. Nadal will be forced to mobilize his whole clay battery.

Watch out four a clock pm! (16.00).