French Open – some observations, part 1


The French event of the year is approaching its boiling point. The big three have prevailed and are, together with David Ferrer, ready for semifinals. The highest level of entertainment can be expected by all tennis lovers. Before turning our attention to the breathtaking resolution of the drama, I´d like to share some reflections and conclusions as to this year´s version. First in mind is Tommy Haas – a player with a true passion for tennis. After over a year of injuries the German … [Read more...]

Nadal´s serve – a comment


Tennis commentators may now and then be struck by delivering incorrect statements. One of these statements occurred yesterday, when the spectators were told that Rafael Nadal´s serve had improved a lot in the recent 1.5 years.  In reality it´s exactly the opposite – Nadal´s serve was at its best about 1.5 years ago, and has since then deteriorated again. In my comprehensive analysis of the Spaniard, which can be studied here, I strip down the evolution of Nadal´s serve – an exercise … [Read more...]

Roland Garros – the draw


The main draw for the upcoming French Open is ready. Needless to say the grand question was Roger Federer´s position in the draw? As we know he only managed to keep his recaptured position as number two for a week. Rafael Nadal´s victory in Rome allowed him immediately to take back his position after Novak Djokovic. The draw shows Federer and Djokovic on the upper part, which of course makes Nadal rubbing hands. Being unloaded of the claim to win back to back matches against his two … [Read more...]

King of Clay rules again


The slight tailwind directly made its imprint on the match. Both players were plainly dominating from that side, and succeeded in breaking each other in the middle of the first set. The match quality and the tempo were awesome. It might be argued that Djokovic´ backhand errors appeared somewhat more frequently, which is also explained by the fact that no other player compels you to hit so many strokes at high altitude as Nadal. At 4-5, Nadal served against the wind. In the ensuing rally … [Read more...]

Djokovic – back to brilliance


What is to say about Novak Djokovic´performance in yesterday´s semi final in Rome - against a Roger Federer in good form? Absolut world class! The slight wobbliness recently notised was totally gone, in favor of a concentration rarely demonstrated before. ' Admittedly, conditions were not favorable to Federer. A bit chilly, neightsession and a much slower court compared to the last week in Madrid. But the difference between the to players was, reagardless of the last 15 minutes, too large … [Read more...]