From Borg going forward


What lay behind Sweden´s exceptional success in tennis during the 1980- and 1990-ties? Why has Sweden so markedly lost its momentum in recent years? And – what can be done to this latter fact? With the commercialization of tennis in the beginning of the 1970-ties the sport entered a new era. Associated with a glorious history, tennis soon became a sport for professionals – where money could be made. At that point in time a young Swede showed up. Björn Borg became the symbol for … [Read more...]

The capable Scot


He is yet to win a Grand Slam, and he lost the final in Miami yesterday – against Novak Djokovic. But Andy Murray´s impressive capacity and consistency deserves nevertheless to be recognized. This year will with certainty be the fifth in a row with the Scot finishing top four (4) in the world. Playing during the same era as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is not easy. Murray has, primarily in the Grand Slams, been stopped by these giants. But his grim achievements in Masters … [Read more...]

I takes more


The air was ice could this morning in February 2007. I was warming up at one of the tent (!) courts at The Royal Lawn Tennis Club (KLTK), when a slim guy appeared – expected to be my practicing partner of the day. It soon became obvious to me that his groundstrokes were very clean – but the match play that followed created certain question marks. My expectations were sky high. From the sayings I had just ample praise about soon sixteen year old Grigor Dimitrov. Except from being number … [Read more...]

A good result – for tennis


Andy Roddick´s tennis has over the last ten years maintained an unbelievably high and consistent level. Number one in the world 2003, and at least among top 10 2002 - 2010. Besides he has dared to speak up outside the court, which doesn´t belong to normal behavior among the stars. However, the last years Roddick has been a shadow of his former self, and a lot of followers have believed his career to be over within short. In view of this, his win against Federer in yesterday´s match, … [Read more...]

Federer – better than ever


Before delivering an analysis on the Swiss Maestro, let´s conclude the most obvious: Federer is better than ever! I have read and heard several times the last year that Federer should be losing ground, indicated by the fact that he has lost his position as number one in the world. Some people argue that the quality of his game is lower than it was 2003-2007 – which reveals a lack of knowledge as well as being incorrect. The truth is that Federer played his best tennis during the last … [Read more...]